Social network for owners of electric transport “TransportEco”

TransportEco – community of owners of portable electric transport (mono-wheels, self balance scooters, hoverboards). Messengers could not meet the needs of people, so they decided to create their own social network.


The content is created by the users themselves. The site is based on the principles of self-organization. User activity is encouraged by gamification system with badges and statuses.

Each registered user has his own page on the site, where he displays his activity, posted messages and added vehicles.


Users set their location on the map and also can share points for recharging or service centres.

Adaptive layout

As we can see from analytics, more than 60% of visitors use smartphones, so it was really necessary to make the mobile experience smooth.

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This project is a good example of limitless possibilities of custom WordPress development, that can be performed for your needs.


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