Online service for paying fines and taxes “Rosplatezh”

We have developed an online service to pay fines & taxes.

The service works with several external systems: it receives information from the Federal Treasury information system through the gateway of an authorized bank. “RosPlatezh” interacts with an integrated external payment aggregator for convenient payment method selection.

Prototypes & Design

For the company, we made a huge analytical work: we found out what penalties can be paid online, what scenarios are possible, determined the necessary data required to pay a fine. When designing we faced the challenge of creating an interface as simple as possible so that users could easily go through all the stages of payment. The peculiarity of the website positioning model is an attempt to create the feeling that the user is on the state website, thus increasing the level of trust. This approach has had a significant impact on the visual design of the website./span>

User account

A lot of attention was paid to the user account pages. Logged in users can add their cars to the system, as well as personal data, so that the service can notify about taxes & fines directly from the personal cabinet via SMS or Email.


We have performed a job of building up trouble-free interaction and secure data transfer between the federal database and the bank that provides access to data, as well as third-party payment service for making payments.

After completion the project was completely transferred to the customer for further development.


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