Website for the manufacturer of scaffolding “LESTEP”

“LESTEP” is a manufacturer of pump-jack scaffolding in Russia. Surprisingly, almost nobody knows about these scaffolding in Russia. The goal was to create a website and reach an audience of potential buyers: owners of construction companies, private construction teams, owners of country houses.

Audience segmentation, extended semantics

Due to the fact that the demand for pump-jack scaffolds in extremely low in Russia and the product itself is one of the best in the scaffolding segment, we found it important to cover all of related queries to construction work, that can be done using this type of scaffolds.

Iterative development

We applied an iterative approach to development with analysis of results and feedback in the reason to build an effective feedback between the buyer and the manufacturer, and also to create a site that meets the real needs of customers.

Custom E-commerce solution

Unlike classic online stores and ready-made solutions like WooCommerce, we developed our own E-commerce solution, based on an order form that takes into account the individual logic of the scaffolds buyer. Also we have integrated automated delivery services, as well as payment services.

Adaptive layout

Despite the greater number of visitors from desktop computers, we paid special attention to the mobile display of the site.


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