Performance marketing
for electric transport shops

Our client is the largest wholesale and retail chain of stores selling electric transport in Russia. The company is represented by several brands. For a network of 15 sites of the company, we provide a full range of services: from web development and Internet marketing to preparing design of packaging.

Websites development & support

Marketing strategy is to create separate brands and sites for different groups of products. We created more than 10 landing page sites for PPC advertising campaigns and ROI tracking. In addition to commercial websites, we also create informational and news websites. Company’s websites network consists of 15 projects that are under our management.

End-to-end analytics

We implemented Roistat’s end-to-end analytics service, Zadarma’s calltracking, and integrated with the CRM system to track the effectiveness of investments in Internet marketing. Thanks to this and the subsequent optimization of PPC advertising campaigns, it was possible to cut off ineffective advertisements and cut the advertising budget by 30% while maintaining the same number of incoming leads.

ROI more than 1500%

The most effective source is organic traffic from search engines. We are actively working on the SEO and the results exceed expectations. ROI for the source of traffic from search engines exceeds 1500%. On the one hand, this shows the effectiveness of our work, on the other – the acceptability of prices for our services.



We carry out design and production of printed products for the needs of the company: from presentations for partners from China to packaging models of the electric transport.


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